Toronto Euterpe Art Academy

About Us

schoolphotoThe Toronto Euterpe Art Academy, founded in 2010, has now reached higher ground after two years of hard work. During the new years season of 2012, we have moved into a new location at 9030 Leslie St., Unit 6, in the Richmond Hill area. Being engaged in arts education over the years, I have been observing and thinking about overseas Chinese art education, its position in the field of education, and the art of developing suitable courses. With the expanding Chinese community in the Greater Toronto Area, it’s become very important for there to be more one-stop educational services that are diversified, professional and team-oriented. A school offering a variety of different areas of study will not only allow parents to avoid the speed-style weekend rush of dropping off and picking up their children, but also gives them time to enjoy 3-4 hours of freedom to do their own things. After years of working in this field, I have found classes in visual arts, instrumental and vocal music, dance, martial arts and even chess being praised by parents.

In order to achieve this kind of high level educational program and satisfy the needs of all our students, you must have the appropriate conditions. The conditions are such: a strong and professional team of teachers, a large and professional teaching site, and a new and scientific teaching philosophy. Now we can say responsibly– the Euterpe Academy for the Arts meets these conditions.

For our team of teachers, we have “stable” and “professional” as our prime considerations. In terms of “stable”, the so-called steady state of mind is to have a stable footing, stable teaching enthusiasm. The so-called professionals, must have professional standards.

Our school currently has over 30 teachers– our visual arts team includes graduates from both Chinese and Canadian Fine Arts universities who have exhibited in both Asia and North America. Our vocal music team includes singers specializing in both classical vocal training as well as popular music. Our instrumental music teachers encompass a wide range of skills in an assortment of instruments including piano, guitar, flute, trumpet, violin and more. We also have a traditional Chinese instrumental team consisting of practicing musicians skilled in Gu Zheng (Chinese zither), Bamboo flute, Hulusi (Gourd flute), and Erhu. A number of teachers make up our dance team, which offers classes for all ages in ballet, hip-hop, ballroom and latin dance, zumba, and more. We boast a five-time Toronto chess champion as part of our chess and board games program.

In order to be able to run a convenient one-stop service, our school from the very beginning has been on the lookout for a larger venue. Currently, the Euterpe Academy for the Arts occupies four thousand feet of teaching space, including music rooms, art studios and a dance studio. We strive to create a good artistic atmosphere as well as meeting professional standards which will allow our students to spread their wings and begin their creative journey.

In teaching philosophy, I always pay attention to two particular aspects: a point of interest and imagination. Whether the subject in question is art, music or dance, they all have this in common. Without a point of interest, education cannot start. The imagination is the source of any artistic creation, all inspiration and passion comes from there.

Being in the educational field, there are some common questions that I’m frequently asked: At what age should my child start learning art? What instrument is best for my child? And so on. These kinds of issues will find their focus in the points of interest and imagination Students interested to find points of interest, services to promote students’ interest, professional flying student’s imagination. Of course, to do these, you also need a lot of teaching on the details of the design and arrangement. These have the opportunity to discuss and share with everyone here not tired out. In recent years, our students have shown their talents in various exhibitions and performances on stage in the Greater Toronto Area. By the way, our school is open seven days a week, and all courses can be tried for a free trial class. You can enroll or leave at any time and, of course, tuition refunding is also possible. I welcome all students and parents to come visit our school!